A tour among the Nuraghic Villages

Visit to the Oasi del Cervo Sa Portiscra and the Or Murales Nuragic village

Difficulty: easy

Duration: around 1 hour.

Necessary equipment for excursions*: hiking boots or trainers, water, sportswear, rucksack.



The fauna area is around 800 m a.s.l. in the Sa Portiscra area on the Urzulei Supramonte. Travel 187 km along the s.s. 125 – Orientale Sarda to access the area.

Depart from Ghenna ‘e Petha around 4 km from the Gorropu Hotel and, following a dirt track, arrive at the entrance to the fauna area where, once you have parked your car, you can begin the true part of the excursion on foot. Barraccos

Once you have walked for one hundred metres, you will already be able to admire the first sheep pen (su barraccu) complete with fence for the goats (sa corte) and shelter for the pigs (cùmbula). All the sheep pens in the area are entirely built of limestone with juniper rafters. From the first sheep pen, follow the path which leads to the other two pens (or mufrones).

Following the path, you will arrive at the viewpoint from where , on the gallery that overlooks the Codula di Luna, it is possible to admire the limestone range that goes down from Mount Oseli to Cala Luna.


From this point you will arrive at a crossroads where you can choose whether to continue to discover other sheep pens, or else follow the signs tovisit the Nuragic village of Or Murales which, with around 100 conserved huts in good condition hidden in the vegetation, is one of the largest and most spectacular in Sardinia.


The natural features of the land are still well preserved: there are important relics from the centuries-old holm oak forest and majestic junipers, extremely rare wild orchids, the peony and various other botanic species. From these slopes birds take flight. Among others there is the Sardinian Goshawk and the majestic Royal Eagle.


The mouflon sheep, wild boar, wildcat, marten and wolf happily live in this area. These are among the reasons why this area has been chosen as a site for the reintroduction in the Supramonte of the Sardinian Deer after its extinction in the early 1900s.

Close to the oasis it will also be possible to visit the Fauna Area of “Sa Portiscra” which is probably the most complete in all the Urzulei area.

Excursions to Tiscali Village

Means of transport: own car (to the meeting point with the guide) and off-road (approach to the village)

Roads: partly tarmacked and partly dirt tracks

Duration: from 8.30 to 15.00 – Altitude to climb: 280 m.

Length of walking time: 1 h 30′ (maximum) to reach the Nuragic village.

Necessary equipment for excursions*: hiking boots or trainers, sportswear, rucksack, 2 litres of water and a packed lunch.

Difficulty: the excursion is suitable for everyone who is able to walk along an at times steep path for around 1h 30′.

Please note: for a guided walk (recommended) a minimum of 6 people is required.



The Nuragic village of Tiscali is located inside a wide sunken basin, the only example of this type in Sardinia.

Within a natural environment with an enchanting and involving atmosphere, it dominates the wide valleys of Lanaitto and Doloverre, the only routes to the Supramonte.

To reach it you need to follow a path which climbs up the slopes of Mount Tiscali to the summit.

After the excursion you will be able to visit the Sa Oche-Su Gologone cave which is one of the most extraordinary examples of deep karst rock in Italy.

*Hiking equipment available for rental