The Grand Canyon of Sardinia

The Gola di Gorropu is located in the National Park of the Gulf of Orosei and Gennargentu, taking the main road S.S. 125km 183, in Ogliastra, in Supramonte that marks the border between Orgoloso and Urzulei.

This natural and picturesque gorge reaches 500m in altitude and a width ranging from 10 to just 4 metres.

It was the Flumineddu river that originally created this gorge, its floods eroded and crumbled the rock that existed at the time to create this monument of nature.

How to get to Gorropu

from Urzueli following the Genna Silana pass: this is definitely the easiest route to take; a road running for roughly 12km immersed in the green countryside and nature. With the right equipment/gear, this is a simple and enjoyable excursion;


from Dorgali: reach the S’abba Arva bridge by car, cross the Oddoene valley and proceed on foot along the limestone walls of the Oddeu mountain to the sound of the Flumineddu river; you’ll get there in about two hours.


Once you reach the gorge, you will find yourself in one of the most beautiful and highest gorges in Europe..

The area is characterised by small waterfalls that reach natural lakes which are intensely blue. For the more experienced, it is possible to continue your exploration by crossing the ropes that reach heights of 200m.

While walking or taking a break in one of the dedicated resting areas, you will come across other hikers – but not only hikers. The microclimatecreated by this particular territory is especially hospitable to some peculiar species of animals like the Sardinian Triton, also called the Euprotto, or the Sardinian Geotritone; ancient and very rare species of amphibians, such as grass snakes and non-poisonous snakes which, in Europe, can be up to 2m long. More common are sightings of mouflons, hares, foxes, hedgehogs and wild boars as many inhabit the area.

Regardless of the route you choose, it is always advisable to wear comfortable clothing, particularly comfortable shoes, and to take water and a few snacks with you… everything else is provided by the nature that surrounds you.

After a day of walking through the hills, there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious typical dinner or a refreshing rest…call us and we’ll tell you how best to do this.


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